Friday, December 5, 2008

Florida Hiking

... hiking, you say... probably not what you associate with Florida: no real mountains here, but it is a beautiful neck of the woods. Since my son is only four, hiking destinations have to be selected carefully, but last week we managed to pull of a nice trip to Hillsborough Rivier State Park in Central Florida (about 20 miles north of Tampa). It's a great place with trails of various length. I posted some pictures in my Gallery.

Changes... changes...

It's been a slow few months for me in the blogosphere, due to crazy workload. Real work just keeps piling up, with some interesting developments (I became a project management convert - it really works!!!), and my side project (no less real, be assured) and swamping me as well. I have some rants coming up and I should get a bit more active :-)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Building an Ultimate Linux Home Server - Part 1

Want to have a free (or cheap) home server, for file sharing and other useful tasks? Check out the guide at 32Packets:

How to build the Ultimate Linux Home Server - Part 1

I hope they keep the next instalments coming, since using Linux as a home server is one of the best ways to put Linux to work at your home.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Safari 3.1 on Windows: a true competitor arrives (seriously)

If you have issues with IE and its "standards" compliance, check out the newest version of Safari for Windows. It gets pushed to your PC if you run the Apple upgrade manager, and while it has it's share of issues (no ActiveX, which in not a bad think when you think about it), it's highly standards-compliant, and fast, which makes it a nice browser after all.
Check out he short overview on Ars Technica:
Safari 3.1 on Windows: a true competitor arrives (seriously)

Thursday, March 6, 2008 :: phpMyBackupPro: No simpler backup for MySQL

One of the best MySQL backup tools out there. Requires only a web server to install, and performs backups on schedule via shell scripts, as well as manual backups.
That's what you need for your site! :: phpMyBackupPro: No simpler backup for MySQL

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sun Snaps Up Database Firm, MySQL -

Sun Snaps Up Database Firm, MySQL -

now... that's an interesting news. MySQL runs a big chunk of the Internet (think all the "small" hosting businesses), so thins has impact all over, and suddenly, Sun is a big database player.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Get the whole album from Picasa...

Here is a great Bash script (sorry, Windows users... you can still run it under CygWin), which will get contents of the whole Picasa album without using Picasa desktop software. How great is that! You can run it in the background, or just set up a cron jub, and the download all the pics at night.

A Bash Script to Download Entire PicasaWeb Albums