Monday, March 23, 2009

An Interview With Jerry Coyne

I have been eyeing Jerry Coyne's book "Why Evolution Is True" for some time now, but for a severe lack of free time in my schedule it has not ended up on my reading list.
In the meantime American Scientist is running a nice interview with him, and it is worth reading to see what prompted Jerry to write his book in the first place.

First of all, I only teach evolution. I've been teaching it for my whole career, which I guess is coming on 25 years now, and I realized when I started
teaching that nobody ever taught the evidence for evolution, which is
wide-ranging and cool. And I looked in the textbooks, and they didn't have it
either. And yet when you read Darwin, the thing that's most fascinating is the
evidence he musters in support of it. In talking with professional biologists
and evolutionists, they didn't ever learn why people thought evolution was true,
because you're not taught that in class. But I thought that that should be
passed on to the students because of the second reason I wrote the book, which
is the pervasiveness of creationism in this country. I wanted to educate the
students so they know that evolution really happened, so they don't really doubt
that, but also to arm them against the forces of irrationality that were going
to be impinging on them and society.

Read the entire inteview here.

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