Monday, April 6, 2009

Larry King... get some facts and a backbone.

Well, along Oprah, Larry King must be the king (pun intended) of misinformation and (more, and more often) just pure stupidity. I know it's all about the ratings and the $$$, but come on, CNN, don't sink any lower, the bottom can't be far away. I'm not sure who goes to CNN for real news anymore, since they have been selling off to ratings for a while, but it is time to dump Larry. His handling of the facts (easily verifiable ones too!!!) puts him in a really bad spot.

Last Friday, he had Jenny McCarthy (and her boyfriend, Jim Carrey) on again, and they spilled their dumbness, like last year. It was hard to watch!!! There is a nice writeup about it on the Science Based Medicine Blog:

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends: The Jenny and Jim antivaccine propaganda tour has begun

It's good to see that Ms. McCarthy has a real body count attached to her stupidity:

Let's hope it helps!!!

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