Thursday, June 18, 2009

More Oprah...

... and other good news.

I was on vacation lately, so I had no time to follow (not to mention blog about it) any interesting news, however, rest assured, there were many. I already mentioned that Oprah's nonsense finally got someone's attention, and the snowball just kept rolling from there. Maybe it was her signing on Jenny McCarthy that triggered some alarms, but the mainstream media is finally noticing that she (Oprah) has been selling woo (read: crap) on her show and in other media for years.
Let's hope the tide will rise and she'll be forced to start paying attention to what she says and what she promotes.

Make sure to read a great article in the Toronto Star by David Gorsky: Is Oprah Winfrey giving us bad medicine?

Phil Plait nicely summarizes all the good news on his blog: What a week for alt-med smackdowns

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