Thursday, September 10, 2009

Homeopathy: It Fries Your Brains

In the recent months, I have been somehow exposed to the "art" of homeopathy via various channels. It was astounding to see a person, who in all other ways seems to be very rational, being pulled into the world of this woo without a shred of critical thinking. I guess, one thing I saw being confirmed is the fact that in desperate moments of our lives, we can abandon reason and venture into some really weird territories.

One bonus of me being exposed to this situation was the fact that I received a copy of the instructions on how to take the "prescribed" homeopathic "medicine". In this particular case, the treatment was applied as part of the traumatic brain injury recovery.

The whole treatment was comprised of a few steps:
1. Interview, which seemed to me more like a cold reading, because it asked about various aspects of life, not related to the illness itself.
2. Purchase (for a rather steep price, given that you only get water) of a "medication", specifically formulated to help with the condition, as determined by the interview.

Now, take a look at the instructions and all the BS found in them:

Click to enlarge...

I hope you get tons of laughs from this, as I did.
The only think that makes me furious is the fact that someone is paying a lot of money for this nonsense. As ff this is not enough, people very often stop using regular doctors and medications prescribed by them, and switch to those "alternative" methods, and that could lead to real problems. I wonder, why a complete BS like this is even allowed?


  1. Good stuff! Those "instructions" are hilarious.

    I share your amazement that homeopathy is so widespread.

  2. Unbelievable clap-trap!

  3. Anonymous6:33 PM

    'Caffeinated coffee may antidote the treatment but other sources of caffeine won't' is possibly my favourite. No, hang on - it's "Hint: it's great for your plants!"
    I would be genuinely proud to write a spoof that funny. However, something - perhaps experience of debating homeopaths - tells me that this is not a spoof.