Thursday, November 5, 2009

Anti-vaccination Propaganda in the Age of Internet

Los Angeles Times has a good follow up on the recent Wired article on vaccines and autism:

Childhood vaccines, autism and the dangers of group think
The rise of computer literacy, high-speed Internet connections, blogging and social networks has emboldened the common man to tell his own story and, sometimes, to disdain trappings like a university degree, professional training or corporate affiliation. The citizen activists often frame themselves as truth tellers fighting against an establishment that is hopelessly venal. No matter that the corruption, routinely claimed, is seldom supported by more than innuendo.
I guess the above sums it up... we are in for a bumpy ride in the future, as more and more will challenge authority. What's even worse, the media (at least what we call the mainstream media) is not helping, since it prefers catchy stories with controversy, rather than solid, scientific reporting.

Thanks to Orac for the link...

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