Thursday, September 23, 2010

Naturopathy Revisited

Browsing the Internet today, I found a very interesting article from the always reliable alt-med debunker Orac:

[...] it would appear, naturopaths both desperately crave the validation of science, to be taken seriously by science-based physicians, while at the same time they resent science because it doesn't support their woo.

Which stuck a familiar chord from my recent past. So, reading further I see a quote from a naturopath:
We're too reliant on the scientific method, and it stands in our way of forging ahead.
The whole article can be found here: A highly revealing quote from a naturopath

The reason it sounded very familiar was that I had a very similar discussion, not long ago, which I described here: Science and Pseudo-Science
Notice the similarities? In my discussion, I was put against the same issue: when science, clinical studies and statistics just do not support your claims, discard science. My "opponent" presented the same attitude you can see from other naturopaths, and they are willing to defend it by just discarding sound arguments, which is not surprising, since it provides their livelihood. I just wonder, how is it working for their patients? Beyond a simple placebo, of course...

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