Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pack Your Bags: The End Is Near

Hooray! This "no-good", sinful, third rock from the Sun, is about to be done with!
The end is almost here. As a matter of fact, it's only a bit more than a week away: the World will end on May 21st (or at least it will begin to end). This is what a bunch of real nutcases from the Family Radio claim.
They even got a story on CNN (Road trip to 'doomsday') and MSNBC (Billboards Announcing Doomsday Pop Up On Triad Highways).
The reasons for this date are "convincing":
1. Exactly 7000 years from Noah's Flood (May 21, 4999 BC). I wonder if they took all the calendar changes into consideration?
2. Some really weird anniversary of Creation. Play with the numbers enough and you can get any date you wish for.
3. Even more elaborate math connected to Jesus' death (April 1st??? Really???).
Info above from: Why the world might end next Saturday (

I guess it's time to pack our bags... If I don't blog after May 21, you know were I am... otherwise we'll all continue to have fun (for another six months at least).

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