Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chiropractic - Show Me Some Evidence!

There are some things that should never be attempted, and taking away freedom of speech, or criticism, especially in science is one of them. However, it is always those, who attempt to silence their critics, that perish in such battles in the age of World Wide Web. I saw it many times in the past with software and hardware, when developers (sometimes called hackers) were being silenced in the name of "intellectual property". It never worked, as the backlash from the Internet was always huge, and information was just spreading faster, and faster...

This time, we have a case of open criticism in science, but due to some really crazy libel laws in the UK, the person voicing his opinion is being sued.

Let's spread the news, or in this case the original article on chiropractic:

Beware the Spinal Trap

Here is a quote from the original article that sums it up well, in my opinion:

You might think that modern chiropractors restrict themselves to treating back
problems, but in fact some still possess quite wacky ideas. The fundamentalists
argue that they can cure anything, including helping treat children with colic,
sleeping and feeding problems, frequent ear infections, asthma and prolonged
crying – even though there is not a jot of evidence.

Do some research and judge for yourself... chiropractic is a scam (maybe it helps with back problems, but any massage therapy will do that).

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