Friday, July 31, 2009

Vaccinations: Some Hard Data

If you want to see (and digest) some really hard data, go and read the article on the Science-Based Medicine Blog, entitled "Cashing In On Fear: The Danger of Dr. Sears".

Dr. Sears is a genius. No, not in an Albert Einstein or Pablo Picasso kind of
way. He’s more of an Oprah or a Madonna kind of genius. He’s a genius because he
has written a book that capitalizes on the vaccine-fearing, anti-establishment
mood of the zeitgeist. The book tells parents what they desperately want to
hear, and that has made it an overnight success.

The article has some really good analysis, unfortunately, most of the people I know, who are either on the anti-vaxx side, or just "worried", prefer not to spend time analyzing this type of material. They'd rather listen to Jenny or Oprah and follow the fear.
We need more articles like this one, simply because we (and I mean people like myself, who can't do the real analysis on our own) need good and reliable sources with relatively simple explanations to help us stop the tide of nonsense.

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