Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Do We Want To Indoctrinate Out Children In Public Schools

This news item comes from my neck of the woods (well, a bit north of me, but still in Florida), and as a parent of a soon-to-be student, I find it very interesting and extremely important.

His school of more than 1,800 students was known by some as "the Baptist
Academy." His teachers and staff delivered prayers, or invited students or
outside leaders to lead prayers, during sporting events and other activities.
Teachers offered Bible readings or biblical interpretations and talked about the
churches they attend. They assigned religion- oriented work to students and
encouraged them to attend religious clubs.

Read the whole article: A principal's principles

Now, don't get me wrong... I applaud people for standing up for what they believe, however, I do have a big problem with someone pushing their beliefs (even when they might be compatible with mine) on my kids in a place like a public school. Our public schools should be giving our children NEUTRAL point of view. Teach them values, respect towards each other, history (facts, not interpretations), science (again, FACTS), and they will be able to do well in life.
I always find it funny, when people try to justify their ideology just because they think it is the correct one. Yet, I wonder, what do other people think, who have the same notion: my religion is the correct one? Who wins? Who gets to teach indoctrinate our children.
Just keep it out of our school system and if I want my son to become a religious person, I'll send him to a Sunday school.

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