Thursday, August 20, 2009

Herbs and Vitamins Can Hurt You

If you one of the millions, who take herbal medicines without even thinking about side effects and dosage, read this story on CNN: Herbs, vitamins that can hurt you

Carole Grant doesn't really trust medical doctors. She never has. Whenever
she has had a health issue, she has headed straight for an herbalist,
acupuncturist or other "natural" healer.


A few weeks later, Grant, a geriatric care manager, was closing up an
apartment for an elderly client who'd died when she started feeling strange
sensations in her toes.

It always amazes me that people take those herbal medicines, mix them up with each other, add some supplements, and they never think about any consequences. It's not a secret that most of our real drugs (I'm not sure about exact numbers) either come from natural sources, or are results of researching a natural process and repeating it in a lab. The catch is: drug companies do their research, analyze active ingredients, extract them, and study their effects and dosage. Herbal remedies don't follow this standard, so when you take something like that, you have no control over dosage, side effects and interactions. Do you really want to take that risk?

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