Thursday, April 8, 2010

Florida: Keep Our Money Where It Belongs

Making sure that we don't favor one religion over any other is probably one of the best ideas written in the U.S. Constitution. It kept this country relatively sane (despite some right-drifting from time to time) and not looking like some theocracies of the current world. And yet some lawmakers in my own state of Florida, would like to change this:
The Florida Senate's Education PreK-12 Committee approved a constitutional amendment proposal Tuesday that would repeal a century-old ban on public funding of religious organizations. The 6-2 vote fell along party lines.

It is being pitched as the "religious freedom" bill by Republican leaders, but critics say it is a pro-church effort to abolish Florida's strict divisions between church and government.
Let's hope this amendment will die soon, and we will not hear of it again. I do not want to have any of my tax money going to any religious schools, as some of them are bound to be favored over others. Not to mention that most of them have their own agenda (despite the fact that they can be good schools otherwise) that might not agree with some of our own beliefs and convictions. Why would we even want to go there?

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