Thursday, April 22, 2010

Website of the Week: The Skeptic's Dictionary

In order to promote rational thinking, I decided to spread the news about cool, interesting and useful websites. I'll try to do it on a weekly basis, but that will depend on my other workload, which tends to be highly unpredictable.

This week: The Skeptic's Dictionary

As the main page states:
The Skeptic's Dictionary is a website and a book. Each features definitions, arguments, and essays on topics ranging from acupuncture to zombies, and provides a lively, commonsense trove of detailed information on things supernatural, paranormal, and pseudoscientific.

Dozens of topics in logic, perception, science, and philosophy are also covered to help explain the appeal and popularity of occult beliefs and to provide a guide for critical thinking. » More about the SD & Reader comments on the SD
The Web site was created in 1994 - thanks to the Davis Community Network - and is still evolving. The book was published in 2003 by John Wiley & Sons, thanks in large part to literary agent Ted Weinstein and former Wiley editor Jeff Golick.
I find The Skeptic's Dictionary to be one of the most authoritative source of anti-woo information, with references, notes and amusing reader comments, which serve as a great introduction to research on any given topic.
It is also one of the best places to send your "on-the-fence" friends for more information on any given, skeptical topic.

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