Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Legal Trouble Again: Spreading the News

Sending lawyers to do the work of science is never a good idea. This goes beyond or standard freedom of speech, it targets the most basic principles of science: freedom of discussion and freedom to criticize ideas.
As always, when people who peddle woo-woo don't have real arguments, they send lawyers to try to intimidate those who expose them.
Time to spread the news about a company called Doctor's Data, Inc (DDI), which is engaged in dubious practices and is suing Quakwatch maintainer Steve Barret for exposing them.

More info from Orac:
Unfortunately, it's happening again. The favored laboratory of anti-vaccine practitioners and the "autism biomed" movement, a commercial laboratory known as Doctor's Data is suing Steve Barrett, the man who maintains the excellent resource Quackwatch, for criticism Dr. Barrett leveled against it, criticism that Doctor's Data richly deserved (in my opinion, of course). Not just that, it's suing Dr. Barrett for the ridiculously overblown sum of $10 million.
More legal thuggery against a defender of science-based medicine

The article in the center of all this is here:
How the "Urine Toxic Metals" Test Is Used to Defraud Patients

Let's get this info out there to ensure that "legal intimidation" does not pay, and only makes the news travel far and wide...

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