Thursday, June 24, 2010

Those Selfish Parents...

If you haven't noticed yet from my posts on this blog, I am a strong supporter of child vaccinations. Not only I think we should vaccinate our children, but I do think that we should get rid of most of the exemptions, especially religious, which are nothing but a lame attempt to go around the system and the sound science behind it. If there is a medical condition that makes vaccinations dangerous to someone, then be it, but using religion to skip them is just plain dumb. If you want to use your religion (or your "worldview") as an excuse, you should be required to stay away from the world that's trying to move forward. That's because people who skip shots for "unreal" reasons (and by "unreal", I mean anything but a real medical condition), endanger all of us, especially those who really can't get vaccinated, because they are too young, too sick, or for some other, valid reason. The herd immunity concept is very real, and the effects of diminishing vaccination rates can be very clearly seen all over the world.
The latest proof of this can be seen in the statement on the Whooping Cough Epidemic from the California Department of Public Health.
As the vaccination rates go down because of the unproven and discredited link between childhood immunizations and autism, some of the illnesses come back and hit the most vulnerable first. That's the legacy of all those, who keep claiming vaccines are not safe. Shame on them!!!

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