Tuesday, December 22, 2020

New Pandemics Still in Our Future

If you follow scientific news and blogs, the Covid-19 pandemic was not a surprise for you. It's been predicted for years and previous, smaller outbreaks of other diseases like MERS and SARS were just the preludes to the larger one of 2020.

However, Covid turned to be an oversized problem that it should have never been due to the crazy politics of 2020 and the lack of scientific approach in many countries, with USA being the worst example. The fact that a large chunk of population is openly anti-science, defying best practices and common sense, is not helping either. Finally, we saw how many people among us are not willing to sacrifice even a bit for common good, showing us the worst of humanity and selfishness that most of us never expected.

Unfortunately, while we are still dealing with this pandemic, the scientists are actively and diligently looking into the future to stop the next one:

Hunting for 'Disease X'

Knowing what's coming and how to fight it is the best insurance for our future. If we don't, the next virus could be more virulent and more deadly, making our current circumstances pale in comparison.

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